What is My Portfolio?

My Portfolio gives you the opportunity to follow any five tipsters from our platform at a special discounted price. This allows you to choose tipsters that suit your personal betting style, and in turn saves you money on multiple subscriptions

How do I get started?

Simply view our tipsters and choose five services that suit your betting style

Then subscribe to My Portfolio via the button below. When payment has been made you will receive a welcome email asking you to confirm you five selected tipsters, once your chosen five tipsters are submitted we shall add you to the tipster listings

If at anytime you decide one of your chosen tipsters is not working for you, simply let us know and we can change to another tipster. This gives you complete control of your portfolio

Choose ANY FIVE tipsters for just £50 a month

1) View our platform and choose your five tipsters

2) Make payment

3) A welcome email will be sent asking you to confirm the five tipsters of your choice. You will then receive selections by email each morning

Any 5 tipsters for just £50 a month

Not sure what tipsters to use in your Portfolio?

Check out the Tipster Rankings > > >


P > Profit

SR > Strike Rate

ROI > Return on Investment

C > Consistency

BG > Betting Bank Growth

Ranking correct at 31/12/19 this is updated at the end of every year. Only tipsters who have 12 months of results are ranked

Prefer more or less tipsters in My Portfolio?

No problem, contact us via our support page. Let us know how many tipsters you would prefer to follow and we will be happy to arrange a bespoke fee