Neil Warnock (Part 2)

Neil Warnock seems to create controversy everywhere he goes but like him or loathe him he’s on his way back to the Premier League with Cardiff City.

Whilst Warnock was manager at Plymouth Argyle one of there star players Peter Swan felt so outraged over Warnock that he refers to him as a very rude name, publicly. Swan then went on to get his move from Argyle to Bury only to see Warnock follow him and again Peter Swan refused to play for Warnock and was quickly sold on.

The 1994 league cup semi final game between Warnock Sheffield United and Liverpool ended with a Sheffield loss and Warnock and Liverpool’s Stéphane Henchoz facing up to each other after the game. Both accused the other of spitting.

In a match against Reading, Neil Warnock accused Readings Stephen Hunt of going over the top on one of his challenges. After describing Hunt as a clever type he then went onto say that ‘ He shouldn’t be holding a pint’.

In the season 2005/06 in a match between Derby and Warnocks Palace, Neil Warnock went face to face with Derbys Michael Johnson following a hard challenge on Paul Ifill. Many Derby fans and players felt that Warnocks unprofessional behaviour helped and led to Johnson’s red card.


2007/08 season saw Neil Warnock in charge of Crystal Palace. He made a substitution bringing off Shefki Kuqi against Wolves. Kuqi was booed by the Palace supporters as he went off and retaliated by gesturing towards the crowd. Warnock was not happy and told reporters that Kuqi would be fined, transferred and would never play for him again. Unfortunately due to an injury crisis at Palace the following season, Kuqi did return to the club and became a terraces hero as his goals spoke louder than Warnocks words.

The name El Hadji Diouf is not high on most people’s list of most popular players and when Warnock went to town on him most people would agree with him. Warnock description of  Diouf “For many years I have thought of Diouf as the gutter type, I was going to call him a sewer rat but that might be insulting to sewer rats. I hope he goes abroad because I won’t miss watching him, he’s a nasty little person”. In 2012 whilst manager of Leeds United, Neil Warnock signed Diouf on a temporary contract. They got on so well that Diouf was subsequently given and 18 month Leeds United contract.

Neil Warnock was getting interviewed by Talksport. Warnock went on air to say that he would not trust Crystal Palace’s Jason Puncheon to take a penalty. Puncheon retaliated by posting derogatory comments about Warnock on social media, which inflamed the FA. There subsequent investigation resulted in Puncheon getting a £15000 fine and warned of his future behaviour. Warnock went on to manage Palace and ultimately Jason Puncheon.

This is just the players that Neil Warnock has somehow managed to displease. Part one showed the referees and part 3 will talk about the fellow managers he has disrespected.


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