After a short period with the BetInfo24 platform, LMR Racing joined our platform in January 2019.

Dave is a professional tipster who uses form study, statistical analysis and information to find daily tips.

LMR Racing has been ultra consistent for two years and enjoys a high win strike rate with a fantastic ROI.

This tipster does not advise tips every day, you can expect an average of 15 tips per week.

LMR advises all tips at 1pt Win, therefore is a very easy tipster to follow.

LMR Racing has averaged 20 points profit per month over the past two years!


(+16.76 pts)



Tipster SinceJANUARY 2017Total Profit£11'314.25 (+452.57 pts)AVG Monthly Profit£419.04 (+16.76 pts)Return On Investment36%
Recommended Starting Bank (Points)100Advised Stake (Per Point)£25Win Strike Rate35%AVG Monthly Tips49



"Been following LMR Racing for a number of months on a rival platform, I have had no hesitation on re-joining via Tipster Street
by Mark

"Consistent winners at level stakes enabling fantastic bank growth."
by Charles


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